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Users could be forgiven for assuming spambots wouldn’t be an issue in Grindr.The location-based app shows users only the hundred or so other users closest to them, theoretically making it difficult for spammers to target users outside their immediate vicinity.

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It seems that they have just gotten home from the gym, and are about to remove all their clothing. In this case, what might seem too good to be true actually is.

Some of the most provocative profiles on Grindr aren’t men at all, but spambots designed to lure credulous users into turning over their credit-card information.

"Is there really something that they'd do with a stranger from Manhunt or Grindr that they wouldn't do with someone who says he's HIV ?

Earlier this year, users of the popular gay hookup and dating app Grindr started seeing a sharp increase in the number of attractive men saying hello to them.

Again, sorry if you find that offensive, but it’s just a fact.

The cute robots in this video are about to get down 'n nasty after hooking up through a gay chat site.

In the West, women are surging ahead into positions of dominance in the media, the arts, academia, politics, you name it.

Some people will find this offensive, but: matriarchy is a problem for the rest of us.

Scientific progress will effectively stall, because men are just as happy beating a video game as they are solving the riddles of the universe — and they’ll take the entertainment option if they have no interest in impressing women.

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