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The way he dresses up and carries himself evokes a natural respect for this gentleman. But overall you won’t find a Taurean who is pining for opulence.

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Taurus is all about the pleasures and sensuality of life.

A Taurus born person loves to relish in the gifts of the five senses and helps us connect with the sweet and finer things in life.

(And if you're already in a relationship with one or ARE one yourself, maybe these sound eerily familiar.) 1.

We won't stop arguing until we get our point across.

One of the most industrious of zodiac signs, a Taurus man believes in himself and his ability to achieve everything with hard work.

Although patient most of the times, he can get quite stubborn if provoked.

He can allow his woman to freely be herself, and he gives her insights into his soul.

The connection between a Taurus man and is lover is enduring, and be makes an excellent match for most women. Women are usually attracted to him, but he has a very high standard for his women that can be very elusive.

The Artist and Financier Symbol: The Bull Key Phrase: I Have Duality: Feminine Element: Earth Quality: Fixed Flowers: Poppy and violet Trees: Apple and cypress Part of the body ruled by Taurus: Neck and throat (Many Taureans have gorgeous voices) Ruling Planet: Venus (Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty, pleasure, the arts, laughter, sensuality and emotions) Day: Friday Theme: The Sustainer Tarot Card: The Hierophant Positive Qualities: Steady & relentless drive, tenacious, patient, enduring, persistent, solid, determined, trustworthy, strong-willed, adept in business, great taste in everything, especially food, art and music Best Quality: Dependability Shadow Darker Side (weaknesses): Materialistic, resistant to change, fanatical, indulgent, gluttonous, possessive, stubborn, narrow-minded, obsessed with routines The people born with the Taurus zodiac sign tend to be stubborn, plodding, strong, affectionate, patient and resistant to change. The bull gets to where its going and little can be done to stop this determined sign.

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