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Ciara and Russell Wilson were dating each other for over a year. And then, after they’ve been “ran through,” they finally want the “good guys.” Their reactions to Ciara and Russell Wilson are just manifestations of frustrations boiling since the final season of . Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section. Be attracted to the athletes and thugs and ignore the “good guys” while they’re young.

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The reason he was trade in the first place is that Buffalo was tired of his antics.

Obviously the Seattle Seahawks made out very well in the deal, as Lynch became a league powerhouse during his five-plus seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

From the moment Lynch set foot inside his first tester — a Volvo XC90 — he shed his notoriously camera-shy persona and let loose.

Unlike at the notorious Super Bowl XLIX media session he appeared at solely to avoid getting fined, Beast Mode was surprisingly open and had us cracking up. That’s a crash dummy, you know, my bucket.” As it turns out, the random ramblings of the man behind the wheel shed a lot of light on the man beneath the football helmet.

There should be more happening here soon on this breaking story.

While Michael Giardi of CSN New England revealed his source wouldn’t confirm or deny the Patriots have any interest in Lynch, they did note there is “No stone unturned.” Lynch has never been an easy player to deal with, dating back to his days with the Buffalo Bills.

With the Patriots, Lynch would certainly have a chance to do that.

Then again, he’d have a good shot in Oakland, which is his home town.

Of course, Pete Carroll has done a masterful job juggling personalities on his roster.

In all likelihood, the reported interest Lynch has in joining New England this year is just a play to get things going for him to join the Oakland Raiders.

Now, any time a pretty woman — or any woman, really — receives some form of comeuppance (which, in this case, was Ciara having a child with a man who wasn’t devoted to her) it becomes a source of vindication and validation. Also, you can’t dismiss the intra-racial element here. (Or, more specifically, have to fit their conveniently arbitrary standards of “perfection.”) So what happens next? And the guys upset that Ciara and Russell Wilson are getting married will be at Office Max, looking for new dry erase markers because the fridge condensation keeps melting their names off the milk. He is also a columnist for And he's working on a book of essays to be published by Ecco (Harper Collins). He lives in Pittsburgh, and he really likes pancakes.

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